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[Korea JoongAng Daily] Posco introduces latest high-tech safety equipment

Posco introduces latest high-tech safety equipment

 Posco introduces its groundbreaking safety inventions at the K-Safety Expo 2022 held from Oct. 12 to 14 at Exco in Daegu. [POSCO]

Posco introduces its groundbreaking safety inventions at the K-Safety Expo 2022 held from Oct. 12 to 14 at Exco in Daegu. [POSCO]

Posco has introduced its latest health and safety equipment optimized with smart systems at K-Safety Expo 2022.  
The expo is Korea’s largest exhibition focused on construction safety, led by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. The event was held from Oct. 12 to 14 at Exco in Daegu, with a total of 250 companies and organizations including Posco, CJ, KT and Korea Land and Housing Corporation participating.  
The scale of Posco’s booth surpassed that of its competitors, with a design intended to offer an immersive experiences of the company’s safety equipment. Among the impressive displays, the Smart Safety Ball, forklift automatic braking system, Shear-resistant Lanyard and Safety Bus were especially popular with visitors.

The Smart Safety Ball is a gas detector that delivers information about the amount of oxygen and harmful gases to an interlocking device. Weighing only 100 grams with a diameter of 60 millimeters, the small yet powerful tool can monitorc gas conditions in real time and inform workers.  
The product is powered by ultra-low-powered circuits, meaning that batteries only have to be replaced every two years. Its durable characteristics prevent explosions even under high pressure, and it is also dustproof and waterproof. About 200 Safety Balls are currently being used at Posco and roughly 50 have been donated and sold to many institutes including Samsung C&T Corporation and the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
The forklift automatic braking system is a self-propelling device that stops all movement once green safety lines turn red. Posco own image recognition technology and automatic control functions are included in the main system.  
Through deep learning and artificial intelligence, the image recognition technology can identify humans and differentiate them from objects, providing precise measurements between users and surrounding matters.
Automatic control functions process the information gathered from image recognition technology and control the forklift’s operation so that it stops all movement on its own when a person is detected.
This timely innovation was awarded the grand prize for the 2022 Korea Safety Technology award during the exhibition by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
Two vehicles equipped with Posco’s forklift automatic braking system are currently undergoing practice runs in the company’s steel mills in Pohang. The company plans to install the system on 300 forklifts from Posco subsidiaries in the future.  
Posco’s Shear-resistant Lanyard is tough, preventing workers from falling while operating equipment due to their safety ropes snapping. By combining the advantages of conventional ropes made from synthetic fiber and wire, the unbreakable lanyards are durable and portable.  
The Shear-resistant Lanyard is mainly comprised of a material called Dyneema, which is often used in bullet proof vests and fishing rods. It is known to be 15-times stronger than iron, but about 70 percent lighter than nylon, making it the strongest plastic in existence.
These characteristics mean the rope is able to hold a worker without snapping after an initial fall for up to 70 minutes. This period prevents the worker from experiencing a second fall and ensures enough time for rescue.  
At one end of the exhibit, a yellow bus attracted the attention of visitors. The Safety Bus is a vehicle designed for Posco subcontractors. The bus provides safety information for workers who enter steel mills with a large LED screen attached on the outside of the bus. Precautions and details on the current safety status are delivered through the LED screens in the most versatile method.  
The bus is also equipped with two TVs inside to convey information without the restrictions of time and space, promoting effective and efficient learning.  
BY LEE HYEIN(lee.hyein@joongang.co.kr)

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