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: 관리자 : Fri, 14 June, 10:13 AM

[IPAF] 2024 K-ConSafety Expo Promotion Activities


This is the office of the 2024 Korea Construction Safety Expo.

Our office collaborated with the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) to promote the 2024 Construction Safety Expo.

IPAF, established in 1983, is a non-profit international organization with over 1,500 members in more than 76 countries. Press releases and online banners for the 'Construction Safety Expo' were published in the June issue of IPAF's online magazine.

Through this promotion, we were able to refocus the attention of both domestic and international construction professionals on the K-CONSAFETY EXPO.

We kindly ask for your continued interest and participation.

(The information can be found at -IPAF SEA eMagazine - June 2024 (ipaf-wopa.com))