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35 [The Korea Times] 1 in 10 construction accident fatalities are foreign workers 관리자 2023-08-13
34 [The Korea Herald] LH CEO offers to resign as more faulty apartments found 관리자 2023-08-11
33 [The Korea Herald] Korean public housing developer probed over shoddy safety 관리자 2023-08-08
32 [The Korea Herald] Samsung, Naver Cloud team up to provide private 5G network at construction site 관리자 2023-06-02
31 [The Korea Herald] Language, safety education upgraded for people on E-9 visas 관리자 2023-03-15
30 [Korea Times] Safer workplaces 관리자 2023-01-31
29 [Korea JoonAng Daily] SPC Group companies fined for industrial safety violations 관리자 2022-12-27
28 [ Korea JoonAng Daily] Prevention is a priority over punishment 관리자 2022-12-22
27 [The Korea Herald] In concession to firms, Korea to ease workplace safety law 관리자 2022-11-30
26 [Southeast Asia Construction(SEAC)] Korea International Construction & Industrial Safety Expo 2022 관리자 2022-11-29
25 [Korea JoongAng Daily] Accident act ineffective so far as top-down approach limited 관리자 2022-11-27
24 [Korea JoongAng Daily] Posco introduces latest high-tech safety equipment 관리자 2022-11-15
23 [The Korea Herald] Robot dogs, snakes to patrol industrial sites for safety 관리자 2022-11-15
22 [The Korea Times] Korean builders alarmed by rising deaths of foreign workers 관리자 2022-08-02
21 [Korea JoongAng Daily] Posco puts safety first with new smart systems 관리자 2022-06-29
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